Portable Gas Detection

Portable Gas Detection

Portable Single Gas Detector GC110

The detector inspects single gas(Combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen) density by natural diffusion and adopts imported electrochemical sensor(catalytic combustion sensor for flammable gas), having good sensibility and excellent reliability.

est single gas detector

Portable Single Gas Detector GC120

Portable gas detector GC120 with probe is a kind of gas detector which can detect combustible gas in the working application continuously. The dispersive gas detection can be operated in the special short distance environment and confined pipes by the external flexible probe.

Portable Multi Gas Detector GC1150

GC150 is a flexible portable gas detector for multi-gases(up to 4 gases) leak detection.
It can be set with original CITY catalytic combustion sensor for combustible gas, while original electro-chemical sensors for toxic gases and oxygen.
The normal gases detected are CO, H2S, O2, LEL(CH4)while it can be set to monitor other four gases.
GC150 has large LCD screen and two instant alarms with audioisual and vibratory indicators, making it a favorite indicator for operators working in demanding industrial environments.